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Employment Law

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The Smith Workforce Management Group has over a decade of experience in the employment law field working on Workers Compensation, Discrimination, Harassment, Training, and every other aspect of the employee life cycle.  We have helped companies with their job descriptions, sat in and conducted interviews, and participated in the final hiring decision.  We have also advised business owners on how and when to terminate the employment relationship in a way that helps both the employee and the employer walk away happy.

Business Law

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Over the course of three decades as legal professionals, the Smith Workforce Management Group has encountered a myriad of issues as they relate to our client’s needs.  We have helped businesses respond to governmental and administrative inquiries, negotiated contracts with vendors and clients, incorporated businesses, created articles of organization, and have sat on leadership teams of companies worldwide.  When you have a problem or an opportunity for your business, the Smith Workforce Management Group is here to help.

“We want small businesses to have access to the same products and services as the big banks and Fortune 500 corporations. When you are working, we are working.”
- Barbara Smith, Esq., Co-founder
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our company in legal matters”
Helen McNaught — Patent Law Client


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Mediation is a less costly, less complicated, and less time-consuming alternative to traditional legal services. Mediation can be useful in numerous situations including divorce, child custody issues, intra-family disputes, family business disputes, and more.  Mediation is also a useful tool in inter and intra-business disputes, through avoiding confrontation and litigation.

Business Advising

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The Smith Workforce Management Group advises companies on how best to present their products and services to customers. With over twenty years of experience, the Smith Workforce Management Group will help you put your best foot forward.


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The Smith Workforce Management Group has closely monitored the ongoing legal posture of Name, Image, and Likeness ("NIL") rights for college athletes, and is already positioned to help student athletes secure, negotiate, and profit off of endorsements while maintaining eligibility at their universities.

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