Built for small businesses

Legal advice on a small-business budget.
“We provide in-house counsel to small business owners and start-ups who otherwise couldn’t afford such a service.”
- Asa Smith, Esq.

A client-centered approach
to workforce consulting.

Smith Workforce Management Group is a human resources consulting service that provides business advice on every aspect of the employment relationship. We help with the entire business life cycle, from incorporation to IPO, and from recruiting to termination. If there are issues regarding your employees, we will advise you on best practices and proper procedures to retain a happy and productive work force. Smith Workforce Management Group will also advise and help you should an employee pursue litigation. With over thirty years of experience as attorneys, the Smith Workforce Management Group will help you select the proper attorney to handle your issues and will manage the relationship under your direction.

Small businesses around the world operate at a massive disadvantage. Big corporations and institutions spend billions annually on HR and Legal, ensuring they are at the cutting edge of updated policies and procedures. They have employees who operate solely to protect the company from harm associated with their employees. Smith Workforce Management Group seeks to remedy that disadvantage. Having seen how Fortune 500 companies operate, Smith Workforce Management Group provides that same service at a fraction of the cost. There is no reason that your larger competitors should have a significant behind the scenes advantage in managing their workforce while small business owners struggle to add another hat (HR Manager) to their multiple other responsibilities (Owner, Manager, Front-Line worker, and Accountant). Let the Smith Workforce Management Group help you be the best business you can be.

  • 2019
    The year we were founded
  • 50
    states, plus DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, and more
  • 33
    years of experience as attorneys
  • 2
    passionate legal professionals
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